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Created on 2013-01-18 05:41:04 (#1947951), last updated 2013-02-12 (240 weeks ago)

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Name:Muse Test Drive
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[community profile] the_rp_testdrive is a community created by the frantic search for a test drive community for a game. Sadly there wasn't one. In an absolute FIT of mad genius and one late night code and writing session this community was created!

Anyways, [community profile] the_rp_testdrive is a game style test community for panfandom games! Some games have specific rules of communication and specific background. Sometimes you're not sure you can play/want to play in a certain style, until you test it out. It can be hard to find a place to do this at, as not all games have a test run/test drive/voice test community. This place is so you can do just that!

The community has open membership and no application process at all, huzzah! All you have to do is register and post. However it is required that you tag your posts with your canon, and the game you are testing. If your tags aren't available, there's an app for that, there's a mod contact post for that here, as well as your other concerns/complaints/compliments, maybe.


1. This is not a multi-verse dressing room, and should not be used as your main RP community. Any posts with no game given in tags or as a header will be deleted. If there are multiple posts of the same character testing the same game, the newest ones will be deleted. Multiple offenses will get you banned. This is the most important rule of the community.

2. You can respond to any entry as a character that is in the game being tested or is a potential in the game being tested. Personal journals or ALT journals that are not a primary voice cannot be used to reply to any entry.

mod intervention

3. This is not the place to hash out an OOC issues. Anyone causing OOC drama should be brought to the attention of a mod to be dealt with. Anyone who attempts to confront a person causing drama will be dealt with a well. Don't try and deal with it on your own and do NOT use this community to hash out your issues.

4. No godmode or being offensive in a way that is OOC. No trolling. Basically, be a good sport and everything will be rainbow and kittens. Report any instances of godmode, ooc offensiveness or trolling to the local Mod Post.


5. Any entries that are long should be cut. Player discretion on this one, but if you are having to scroll, it's probably too long.

6. Cut any entries with graphic content, be it sexual or violent. Head each entry with such content with what is being cut for and any triggers. Any threads which gain graphic content should be marked with a header at the part when it becomes graphic.

7. Cut for spoilers. Unless the source material is over 5 years old, in which case, cut for spoilers at your own discretion.


8. No game advertising in any form.

Most rule violations will lead to a freeze or mod intervention on a post. Banning will be considered on a case-to-case basis. Post deletion is also case-to-case except for the reasons outlined in rule 1.

None at the moment. If you want to be affiliated comment on the mod post!

app permission
If you are a mod or admin of a game and would like to grant permission for test drives to be used in apps, please post a comment here.
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